William Wallace Tour Package

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Do you want to walk in the life of the legendary William Wallace? We start at his birthplace and make our way to his last point in Scotland before he met his grisly end. This is a 3 day tour which includes stops at Paisley Abbey, Stirling Castle and Falkirk etc. 

This tour is aimed at groups between 2 and 8

This Tour can also depart from Glasgow and Edinburgh locations.

Da GBP 290

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Starting from the Glasgow or Edinburgh areas. The tour can be altered from a 3 day to a 1 day trip if required, but to truly experience Wallace and Scotland at the time of his life, we would suggest the full 3 days. 

Day 1.

Visit Elderslie, the birthplace of Wallace. Although his house is a ruin, you can still get the feel of what the house would have looked like and marvel at the size of the rooms. To get the most out of the Elderslie experience, it best to visit in August on Wallace day. See Paisley Abbey nearby where William Wallace was educated.

Visit Lanark where you can still see the house remains where Wallace lived with his wife. 

If time permits visit Bothwell Castle. The place where the English soldiers (elite) were kept as prisoners after Bannockburn.

Day 2.

Visit Stirling - The castle and the Wallace Monument in commemoration of Wallace’s victory at Stirling bridge. Bannockburn is also nearby and will provide information on the Wars of Independence that Wallace eventually sacrificed his life for.

Cambuskenneth Abbey is the next stop where it is said after Wallace was executed, his arm was sent to be hung up as a warning. The monks at the Abbey apparently took it down and buried it somewhere in the Abbey. It is said to be the only place in Scotland which houses a part of Wallace’s remains. It may only be rumour but the romance of a part of Wallace being there, certainly makes it a worthwhile stop.

Day 3

Visit Falkirk, the location of Wallace’s defeat. 

On the way back to Return destination we visit Dumbarton castle where Wallace was held before taken to London for “trial”.

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  • See William Wallace's Birthplace at Elderslie near Paisley
  • Take in the breathtaking architecture at Paisley Abbey where Wallace was educated.
  • Enjoy the picturesque Stirling and Trossachs scenery, arguably the best in the country.
  • See Stirling Castle, Bothwell Castle and Dumbarton Castle.
  • Enjoy traditional Scottish cuisine and drink at a number of authentic Scottish pubs and restaurants
  • 2 nights at a fantastic 4 star bed and breakfast accommodation in the Glasgow area


  1. Glasgow
  2. Elderslie
  3. Paisley Abbey
  4. Lanark
  5. Castle Ave
  6. Stirling Castle
  7. Bannockburn Heritage Centre
  8. Abbey Rd
  9. Falkirk
  10. Dumbarton Castle